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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Important Tips on Buying Zippers and Blazer Buttons from Zipper Shipper

You will get unique and a variety of zippers and blazer buttons from zipper shipper online. Whether you are looking for only one set of blazer buttons or many you will get them from zipper shipper. The same case applies to zippers and any other sewing supplies. In order to buy blazer buttons set from ZipperShipper, you need to identify exactly what you need from them. This is in terms of finish options, measurements, and configuration as well as lettering styles. With such specifications, they are able to make personalized engraved buttons.

Zippers may be bought either as chain by the yard, closed end or dual zippers. You also get the option of bottom separating zippers as well. If you are buying replacement zipper sliders or new sets for your clothing online you get to choose from Zipper Shipper’s variety options. Check the reviews on types of zipper sliders online and buy zipper pulls from  You will also get to choose the most appropriate zipper slider for your garment.

How to find the perfect zipper slider

  • Identify the material the zipper teeth have
  • Know the right gauge
  • For garments, use auto lock zipper sliders and non-lock zipper sliders for cushions, and generally for upholstery, bags, and tents.